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I hope you all had a fantastic Easter! 

This year Skyprison is hosting an Easter Egg Block Hunt!  The goal is to collect all of the unique blocks from the designated sign, in each egg.  Once all of the blocks are collected, they will act as your keys in the Giant Egg for claiming your prizes.  After you have hopped your way through prison collecting eggs and have declared your goodies, you have the glorious opportunity to give your easter egg blocks to the... Easter Bunny, whom which will graciously accept. laughing

-Skyprison Build Team


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

For a limited time on Skyprison, Patrick the leperchaun will be hunting down the rainbow and mining his pot of gold.  After a long day of searching for the rainbow and mining for gold, Patrick falls asleep, that is your chance to mine some gold for yourself.

Grab some gold while you can, because it will not be there for long.

We hope you know what they say about rainbows...

-Skyprison Team

Slinger1214 i see mai self

The 1.11 update is finally here!

After the 1.11 Hub tech test demo

1.11 compatibility is now released for all players of SkyPrison after nearly 2 months of beta testing and prereleases on the Hub server.  This means you can not only join using 1.11 but use all 1.11 content and features!  There probably will be bugs and glitches with the update, tell a developer ingame or post on the forums.  Most bugs will only affect 1.11, so switching to an older version can be a temporary fix if a bug is preventing you from doing something important.

As always on SkyPrison you can still play on older versions, unlike most other servers...

Update: Holographs now work in all versions and no longer appear as armor stands in old versions!

DrakePork Finally* here!

New Update!

xtechgamer735 a posted Feb 6, 17

Hey guys,

We’ve just added something new for those of you who want to encourage more customers to check out and find your market plot in the market world.  It’s a market plugin (created by redhelmet8) that allows you to rent an ad for your shop.  In game you can type /advertiseshop to get the info you need, on how to use it.  Not to mention, there are warps in the Market Ads and Market Warps section, to the left, when you enter the market.  Go check it out.

*Suggestion brought to you by Steviell

There is more to come so stay tuned and keep checking forums for the news on Skyprison updates!

- Skyprison

Steviell This was my idea. :p

Happy New Year

WouterL a posted Jan 1, 17

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year from the SkyPrison team!

Loquos haha! I loooooove Drake's comment! :-)
DrakePork According to the Holocene calendar its actually 12017 ;3

Factions Holiday Update!

Loquos posted Dec 28, 16

While most of you have been enjoying your holidays, our Factions team has continued to work to improve your experience on the Factions server!

Look for TWO new additions to the server, PLUS new kits and items to buy in the Donor Shop (hint: one of these Minecraft items starts with an "E" :-) )

The Market has been updated! New items, new prices, new options to buy & sell! Located in the same part of Spawn as the old Market, with a few improvements.

There is now a whole new Farm Warp! Currently accessible through warp signs placed in the Center Spawn, as well as signs in the new Market Square.

Enjoy! See you in 2017!!

Worship the Melon Goddess & Panda Loves You

Steviell Panda doesnt love me

If you are living in a country celebrating christmas today; Merry Christmas! (if not then wait reading this until tomorrow).

Santa has found his way to skyprison and is waiting in spawn with a gift with your name on it! Hurry up and aquire it before he sets of back to his present-factory!

As you might have seen there has been a poll on the forums wether we should reset the old nether or keep it as it is. A strong majority voted for a reset which means that all buildings/items in the current nether-world will be removed. The world will be reset around New Year so make sure to grab your stuff before that!