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You could already easely report your warnings, now you can also report staff/guard members more easely, this because we absolutely don't want any of our staff/ guards abusing.

Here's the explenation about the report system: click
You can post your report here

You can only see your own reports and only admins will reply on reports, if you report an admin, that admin will not be allowed to do that report.
Reports not using the correct template will not be checked.
VampireQueen2002 @ Sky Prison
why not add this: We get 3 strikes, if it counts as a good abuse without them knowing 1 strike. After 3 strikes, a demot ...
The rules have been completely rewritten, please give them a read since they will be enforced  this week. Click here to read them

We also added a Skyprison laws section, these are the replacement of the island rules, Guards enforce the laws, mods enforce the rules.  Click here to read the laws
Biggest changes:

Rules removed:
  • Don't be a dick
Rules added:
  • Don't argue your warnings/ jail
  • Trolling
  • Bug Exploiting
  • Inappropriate Skin
  • Inappropriate name
More rules were added that are not mentioned here so please read them: Rules

otherwise777 a If there's a bug in the game, for example something which what you can dupe items, and you keep using it for your own ad ...
Fre3zx What Do You mean By Bug exploting?

prestige ;o

otherwise777 a posted Fri at 13:09
Just to let you guys know, we are still working on it :]

I won't answer any questions about prestige btw, there will be a detailed post when the beta is released

Colenines That looks weird players = mobs I guess we died in prison
Fre3zx Wth Is that in the picture? xD

Thank you for taking your time to read this, i hope this gives you more information about how and when.

The free world has been the main cause of lag spikes on the server, we have been trying to fix this for a while by nerfing the cactus farm for example. However these solutions turned out to be only temporarly since new farms where made and they kept getting bigger, and thus became a bigger problem for the server. We also tried solving the problem by getting a bigger more stronger server, but this was ofcourse also only temporarly. We are now trying to solve this with a permanent solution by transfering the free world (including the guard world) to another server.

Having the free world on another server sure is good for the server because the prison has a server of it's own and almost all of the cpu/tps lag will be fixed, BUT there are disadvantages, server communication isn't easy and it can go wrong easely, so you will have another inventory in the free world then you have in the prison server. This doesn't mean that you cannot transfer items, this will be possible with enderchests since they use a shared database which makes transfering items secure and robust (as far as we know)
Besides this there will be other problems that we will have to overcome, for example: homes, spawn areas, respawning spots, event teleports, etc etc. 

We just begun with this updated an I have only ran some small tests to see if some critical things were even possible, so far it looks good. Be aware that this update can take a while (almost just as long as prestige) We will test everything to the details before we even start changing things. This news post is purely to let you guys know what we are working on.

If you have any questions about this update let me know in the comments or ingame chat, You are free to give us idea's suggestions about this update so that we can build them in on an early stage.

TLDR: Free world will be seperated from the prison server preventing lag but splitting inventories, it will still be possible to transfer items from the free world to the prison through your enderchest
Coolfire7523 Free seems to be especially laggy when its raining, is there any way to fix this or remove rain
[STAFF] Hampe_Swe I suggest that not only making the market (Question for that: will the Money for each player be the same even if they se ...
Coolfire7523 Im ok with this but i think that the biggest problem is the inventory transfer. My enderchest is full of useful things a ...

Eula update

otherwise777 a posted Tue at 0:39
Many of you have already asked me about this and I've been following it since Mojang announced their first Eula changes.

A quick introduction because while writing this i know this is going to be a long news post, Mojang recently announced their Eula updates, they will say they didn't change they are just enforcing it, but it has in fact been changed (we have google cache for that). What is being changed? Basically, the thing that Mojang wants to enforce is the "You are not allowed to make money with Minecraft", This is however pretty hard to enforce since the whole minecraft server industry is build upon donation and payment systems to actually keep servers alive. So enforcing this would mean that minecraft multi player can no longer exist on bigger servers.
So Mojang decided they wanted to get rid of the "Pay to win" servers, Mojang got a lot of calls and emails about parents wanting the money back from their kids who spent hundreds of dollars on items they didn't get, Mojang could however not do anything about this because the servers were not ran by them.
It should be clear that this is in no way the responsibility of Mojang either, it's the responsibility of the many parents that share their credit card information/paypal login details with their children. If you don't believe me, trust me, i have had many cases of parents emailing me that their children went on their account and made purchases, but in the end it's their responsibility to not share their paypal information!

Mojang concluded that most of these servers where it went wrong were almost forcing people to pay, You have probably seen those servers before, where you can pay 200$ and you basically get OP admin and everything to be the best player on the server. These servers don't live for long because it's simply not fun to play on a server where other people are so overpowered. When i designed skyprison and when i make updates i always try to look at the balance in the game and how it may shift with different updates, In no way i wanted to make a pay to win situation, even though some donation feautures have that in them. For example /pvp on/off gives you a big advantage over players, but it doesn't make you better then they are, same goes for extra homes money and tokens.

Mojang now wants the server owners to remove all non-cosmetic feautures from the donation store, This means everything where a player gains more power over a player that hasn't donated
I decided to comply with the rules and remove some stuff from the store, a list is below this post with all the items that will be removed. The items will be removed on the first of august, until that time they will have a 60% discount since they won't be returning.

I have seen a lot of arguments back and front and i also joined the discussions myself, here are few of those discussions:
Servers won't make any money anymore to pay for their servers costs with these changes, since people want to donate for things so they can be better then someone else.
My opinion: While it is true that servers will make less money if you do it right people will still donate, just not as much. It is also true that servers are expensive, To guarantee a good up time/ speed and to prevent DDOS attacks we have a pretty big bill every month for our servers, besides that other things also have to be paid like advertisement, website, buycraft etc

Minecraft is killing innovation,
This is certainly true, minecraft has always been a platform of openness, we were allowed to do anything we want, this is also how all the great games and plugins were developed because there were no limitations at all, and good products costs money. But with this update they are strictly limiting what people are allowed to do. earlier we were limited by things like performace of creativity, now we are limited by rules that are pretty vague, hard to understand and if you don't follow them mojang will simply shut down your server.

Minecraft just does this to make Realms bigger,
While i ofcourse hope this isn't true, they are enforcing this just a few weeks after their official release of their own multiplayer platform called realms, big servers are huges competitors of this platform.
Nothing has been replied about this topic by mojang.

There are some more, here are some usefull things to read when you want to dig in this topic more: (creater of mineplex sending an open letter to mojang) (Hypixels topic about this)

The shotbow network also had a really good quote, saying that this will only effect the servers that want to do good, the servers that are scamming people won't comply to these rules and will probably go unnoticed.

If you want to talk to me personally about this topic please leave your skype details in the comments below then i will add you.
Items to be removed:
-ingame cash
-other (contains diamond armour set)

items being removed:
-/spawn command
-rankup to FIRE
-pvp on/off
-enable enchanting

Now let's finish off with a small FAQ
Q: Will skyprison go down because of this?
A: Ofcourse not, skyprison won't shut down so easely, because of all the donors of skyprison we have a good reserve for when really bad things happen, like the recent DDOS attacks required us to buy protections of hundreds of dollars, but we had a reserve for this. 
If we don't get enough money to maintain the server we will simply downgrade our servers to make sure it can stay online, but let's not hope that happens.

Q:  How will mojang enforce this?
A: this is the only question they didn't gave a clear answer about and what servers owners like myself are constantly are speculating about, it's either going to be a kill switch in the server itself or by law.

Q: What if i want to buy an item that is being removed after the first of august?
A: I cannot say that is possible at this time, it might be available through ingame accomplishments, but we are unsure how yet.

Q: Will this mean my donation is being removed?
A: No, if you donated for something before that is now being removed you will still be able to use it after we remove it from the store. 

if you have any questions, feel free to post them below

Mojang updated their EULA preventing us from selling items in the store that have gameplay feautures like money or items. This puts server in a difficult situation because they need the money to pay the huge server bills. Skyprison has a big reserve of donations so it won't shut down so easely but it will have to make changes. These changes involve removing alot of items from the store, these will go in discount right now
64Daniel64 Sign petition to CHANGE Eula, if you don't agree. ...
ratchetgame98 I've got an idea. Since we can no longer donate for affecting gameplay, why not include these in the TokenShop. Ingame c ...
capp5 f*** mojang.
Sky plots have now been fully released, this means that all buttons are working and the /plot tp and /cell tp have been disabled except for the people that donated for it.

If you still want to access your old cell that's possible by clicking this button in the center:

Please note that eventually cells will be removed completly, so don't use it as your cell!

Other updates:
You can no longer message people when you yourself are in DND mode
Mob spawner placement has been disabled in the creative server
The nether portal creation bug has been fixed
the warning system has been updated together with the mod guidelines so they should have a better idea now what to do when
the whole backend logging system has been updated, we are logging way more now in case of things happening
you can now use /reportwarn when you get warned and you disagree, we will look if the warning was good or not

Prestige update:
We are working very hard on prestige, please keep in mind that this is a pretty big update, we want to balance the prestige system so it can be used for the years to come so we are putting alot of time in the pre-beta and the beta before we release it. Currently it's in pre-beta, when the beta gets released we will let players in for a closed beta, this beta will be reset when the official prestige is released so everyone starts at the same time.

DFMcMinecraft Oh, and of course, great work as always!!
DFMcMinecraft I have two questions: •For how long will the old cells be available? •Could someone give me a detailed explanation o ...
otherwise777 a No that's not how it works, prestige adds 4 additional levels to rankup after you have gained the free rank, we won't re ...
We just released another piece of rainbow armour today, Rainbowlegs! You can purchase this for 15m with the command: /buyrainbowlegs

You can also use all rainbow parts at the same time,

I also finished the code for rainbowchest, this will be released in a future update

DFMcMinecraft Will the last piece be in tokenshop? Or do you want to keep it a secret how to get it until it's available?
ratchetgame98 is 15m $15 million In Game???

Alot of you guys had really good idea's to improve the current cell plugin, since it was time to renew it (it was taking up way to much space on the disk) i decided to completly rewrite it with all the feautures added and change the name to sky plots! Some of the feautures:
  • Join up with other peoples plots
  • expand your plot up to 30x30x30
  • use flags in your plot
As long as the beta lasts it will only be available for people who have the donor rank and staff members. The official release will be in a week.
For now everyone can use /plot tp, this will be disabled after the official release.

Available commands:
/plot create (creates a plot, you get a random plot out of the 35 that were build by xkiyanx, flyingdutchgirl, mr_goodenough, milky, blueberry)
/plot tp (teleports you to your plot)
/plot tp <player> (teleports you to that persons plot, only works in the skyplot world and if you're added to their plot)
/plot addmember <player>
/plot removemember <player>
/plot flag <flag> deny/allow allows or denies a certain flag in your plot
/plot resetlocation resets the spawn location of your plot in case it causes you to fall into the void
/plot expand, expands your plot by 1 layer on all sides and 2 on top, max expansion is 30x30x30

Plot extension costs:
#1st tier, 100 tokens 6x6x6
#2nd tier, 200 tokens 8x8x8
#3rd tier, 400 tokens, 10x10x10
#4th tier, 800 tokens, 12x12x12
#5th tier, 1600 tokens, 14x14x14
#6th tier, 1600 tokens, 16x16x16
#7th tier, 1600 tokens, 18x18x18
#8th tier, 1600 tokens, 20x20x20
#9th tier, 1600 tokens, 22x22x22 
#10th tier, 1600 tokens, 24x24x24
#11th tier, 1600 tokens, 26x26x26
#12th tier, 1600 tokens, 28x28x28
#13th tier, 1600 tokens, 30x30x30

Q: Will my old cell be removed?
A: Eventually we will remove the old cells, but if you transfer your cell within 1 month you should be fine

Q: why do some commands not work?
A: not all commands have been finished yet, please be patient

Q: Can you transfer my old cell?
A: no

If you have more questions, please post them below

Erocknuber20 what if someone's plot is next to your's and you expand it to 30x30x30 and they have access to your plot?
Fre3zx wait what? i can do /plot tp from anywhere...
chillipowda If someone bought /cell tp for the old cells Will they get the command to tp to their plot?
Me and lego decided to remove all current warning points.
We were alot stricter when the forums changed over to enforce the new rules and get the forum to shape in the way we wanted.
This has now been successful and we feel the new system has been in place long enough now for people to understand without ruling with an ironfist to change the way you used to post.
The Rules are here if you need refreshing
We decided to restart everyone from scratch because we were overally strict to begin with and are now laxing on some rules (and obviously cracking down on others)
For example bumping an old post will now only result in a warning point lasting for 1 week (unless we are repeatedly warning you)
Please be aware almost all posts are checked always follow templates (if any are in effect)
This reset will not happen again so please don't abuse it and use it as an excuse to get more

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