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Hey There,

The player count of skyprison isn't as high as it used to be, we are working on changing that, one of the things we did was appoint a new admin (xtechgamer735), You might know him since he's been a member of skyprison for a long time, but also the owner of Oceanprison. He joined the admin team and will make improvements where needed in the near future. Here's a little introduction that he wrote:

I first joined sky prison three years ago (almost to the day) and as I climbed the ranks I became a guard for a short time. Shortly after this OceanPrison opened, which to cut a long story short, I now hold the Admin/Developer roll on. I am joining the sky prison admin team to help shape the future of the server as well as helping everyone else in the team keep it fun to play on. If you have any questions for me, please fire them over either in game or on the forum.

Then for some not so good news, The server costs a lot of money every month, earlier this year we had a couple of months where we had a couple of donations which wasn't enough to keep the server online. Luckily we have some reserve which we used to pay for the server costs and later in march it went a bit better. Then something terrible happened, In may a certain user did a chargeback on all of the payments they made. This means that the one that donated charges skyprison to give me money back. Normally when people request refunds it's not so bad, but when it's done this way skyprison has to pay 20$ for every chargeback request. This chargeback was for 19 payments, you can do the math. At that point skyprison was actually broke. We had a meeting to decide what we would do next, because closing skyprison wouldn't be an option. We decided to wait for the donations to come back and use that money to cover the costs and in the meantime we would move to another cheaper server to reduce the costs.

So, for now you don't have to worry, skyprison has strong roots and won't go down that easily, we will find other solutions to survive if neccesary. 

elbaino Harsh
_Jossue_ Congrats on being in the admin team tech, hope you can a way to help the server get's its hit again. I'll be d...
AwesomeEd Don't users make an agreement prior to donating their money that no chargeback or refunding is allowed?

There has been a lot stunning and wonderful gardens this month, sadly there are only 3 winners (it was really tight for the third place). The results can now be found, and fun fact, the winner scored a 9.5/10 which is the highest score so far in all competitions ;) 

To find out about the results be sure to check Here,

And to see what the theme will be for next month's Competition check Here!

The results for March's building competition is now up! Good job to all of the coasterbuilders and dont forgett the next months, bit more freethinking theme!

To find out about the results be sure to check Here,

And to see what the theme will be for next month's Competition check Here!

You probably haven't seen me online alot lately, this is because i've been very busy with school projects. In one of the projects, a random city generator, i chose to use MineCraft and my school allowed it.

The goal of the project was to make a procedural city generator, you can see the result below. Part of the goal was to make it look realistic, like don't have roads next to each other, no houses in other houses etc. and in theory it should be infinite. Based on different parameters it's possible to generate any city you like, big roads/ small roads, big gaps/ small gaps, number of trees. I made everything into a plugin which i will probably release later on on Spigot. The result can be seen below. If you have questions about the project, feel free to ask

_LifeIsGames Damn it looks so good
Xenon923 I want to have savefile for that... It's so amazing.
[STAFF] Loquos I wish Realms would spawn cities that big. Nice work!

Hey everyone! Roughly a year ago we introduced a new rank up system to the guard team. After using this for quite some time we decided it would be better for the guard team (as a whole) if we went back to the original system. Although some of you might not have known about the initial change, the system is now automated, and the guard will rank up when the required amount of guardpoints is reached.

The guard team is looking to expand so, if you were considering applying, whether it be for the first time or hundredth, we hope to see you apply. :) If you have any questions feel free to /msg or /mail me in game and make sure to check out the guard application section. Hope to see you on the team!

ratchetgame98 tag I may think of re-applying as a guard some day. I would really like to but my activity has been down the toilet due to s...
Crafterr Slaying the announcements page since 00'
[GUARD] redhelmet8 9/10, needs more commas. Also, feel free to talk to any of the current guards if you are curious what it is like as a ...

February's building competition has ended and the results are live! Thanks to everyone who participated once again, it was even tigher this time!

To find out about the results be sure to check Here,

And to see what the theme will be for next month's Competition check Here!

Aidenate Now we need only creative to start working :/

Hey there,

For the past quartile i had to make a visualisation of some data set for a course at my school, i chose to use the dataset of Skyprisons chat data.

You can see the full interactive application here, there's a video at the bottom explaining how it works.

Punxsy13 Doesnt this get a little personal private messages are so suppose to be private?
Punxsy13 So what does this do?? Track who you send the messages to not what u say??

January is now over which means that the thread for Januarys Building Competition is closed! Thanks to everyone who participated, there was a lot of great builds which made the judging hard; (Whole 4 buildings was fighting for the third place!!). 

To find out about the results be sure to check Here,

And to see what the theme will be for next month's Competition check Here!

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated and dont stop building ;)

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