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Guards can access the free world now

otherwise777 a
otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
posted Tue at 10:41
Yes you read that right, guards can now access the free world,
This is a try out, we don't know how things will go but if all the guards follow the rules .

One of the new guard rules is:
-Guards are not allowed to wear guard armour/ items outside of the prison world

In a few weeks this update will be enforced automatically, if you wear guard items or armour outside of the prison you won't be able to move. This also counts for normal players that wear guard items.

The guard world will be archived on October 15th, make sure to move your base to the free world if you had any.

We also updated some other stuff in the current guard system, If you don't have a sword or bow in your inventory you cannot be asked for a bow or a sword either. 
A future update will include a system where you cannot be attacked by a guard if you didn't attack anyone for a specific amount of time to prevent guards accidentally attacking the wrong player.

That's all for guard updates for now
Coolfire7523 Can't someone put the sword/bow in their enderchest?
ratchetgame98 "This also counts for normal players that wear guard items." how do normal players wear guard gear????
Plancher Great ...

The old store is back!

otherwise777 a
otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
posted Mon at 16:10
All removed items from the store are back in stock again, we will be adding more in the upcomming weeks as well
Coolfire7523 Is it either cuz of Microsoft buying MC or cuz 1.7 isn't enforced by EULA?
lasercor say what now?
ratchetgame98 WHAT????

/spawn command accesible for everyone

otherwise777 a
otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
posted Mon at 13:04
Hey there,

Just a minor update, /spawn is available for everyone now, the higher rank you have the longer you will have to wait before getting teleported. the people who purchased /spawn in the shop can teleport instantly 

If you don't want to wait for the delay and you don't want to purchase the command you can /tspawn for 20 tokens
otherwise777 a
otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
ranging from 1 second for grass to 25 seconds for free and fire
Knifebox How long are the delays?

What has been going on lately

otherwise777 a
otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
posted Sep 7, 14
Hey Guys, 
some of you might have noticed that the updates aren't going as fast as planned, this has several reasons and i would like to address them.

1. Mojangs name change, because of the name change a lot of code has to be changed and the database items need the be converted, this is very time consuming.

2. 1.8 update, a lot of tests have to be done to see if nothing breaks if we eventually update it

3. Bukkit is down, bukkit (the framework 90% of the servers rely on) has gotten a DMCA takedown request, this basically means that they are accused of using copyright material and that it has to be taken down. This is a very complicated matter because of the licenses and a lot of lawyers are currently involved in this issue, this could easily take weeks, even months. And in the meantime it's impossible for servers to update to the new 1.8
More info can be found here: (bukkit page with recent news, a lot of drama atm) (topic with info from mojang considering the issue) (spigots story (We use spigot btw) they also got a take down request and are currently down)

If you have any questions about one of these matters feel free to leave a comment, especially about number 3 since that one has huge consequences, i took a lot of time investigating the matter so feel free to ask if anything is unclear

Some updates still in the waiting line:
Guard updates
Prestige system
ratchetgame98 After some research, this may be interesting to someone ...
ManGuy21345676 Otherwise I'm probably not the only one wondering this but... What is DMCA?
ratchetgame98 I made a post about this DMCA thing in General Discussions I hope the DMCA thing stops soon, I can't bare to see the end ...

How to downgrade Minecraft

otherwise777 a
otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
posted Sep 4, 14
Hey guys,
Since the new build wasn't as stable as we thought we have downgraded it for now,
For the people that don't know yet how to downgrade, here's a video:


[STAFF] elbaino a posted Sep 3, 14

Hello there people of skyprison. Some of you may have noticed I am no longer a part of your community :( this is because life has become a lot more demanding over the last few months and it has taken time away from the game and I feel it will be better for you guys if I am gone a

good luck in your lifes, love baino <3

timiamarshall Too bad hes going away )::( : (Double sad):
ILoveBigCookies You remember me elbby? <33333 Unblock meh on skype :( Sad 2 see u go, and yes I still read the forums :/
lasercor kiyan dat website xD and bye bye baino we will miss u

Skyprison available on 1.7 and 1.8

otherwise777 a
otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
posted Sep 3, 14
Because of the fast upgrade of spigot skyprison is now available on 1.7 and 1.8
This is protocol hack, this means that it's a 1.7 server that allows 1.8 clients to connect, this is a very unstable build so you might expierence server crashes and/or client crashes
The client versio 1.7.10 is more stable then 1.8 atm, so it would be wise to keep using that one.

If you notice any bugs please let me know asap

In the meantime disguises have been turned off because it kept crashing
MWorld26 I voted 100 times but now i have to wait xD
ratchetgame98 I hope disguises come back ...

100 enjin points for all registerd users!

otherwise777 a
otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
posted Sep 1, 14
We didn't reach the donation goal this month but because some people still donated alot to try to reach it last week we decided to give everyone 100 enjin points.

If we reach it next month, that is september, then everyone will get 350 enjin points and 250 tokens
Note: you will need to be registerd on the website to claim the reward. the reward will be processed once the donation goal has been reached.
ratchetgame98 Sorry you didn't reach the donation goal last month (August), but, to be honest, I think the chances would be lower this ...
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