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As most of you already know the Creative Server got an update with the new spawn.

However, thats not all.

The Plot limit has been raised to 2 plots per player. However if you finish a plot you can claim another one by contacting an admin.

The Build section in the forums has been cleaned up and you can now submit your plot and get feedback from the community! Plots thats liked by the community and that looks nice can be moved closer/around the creative spawn. You can find the forums here 

The News plugin has been added to Creative aswell, so you'll now also see news messages appear with information in the Creative server.

A bunch of new Worldedit commands have been added that you use! Here's the new ones:
For all commands available please visit

[STAFF] Goppi a Plots thats been bought will still be placed around the spawn. I'm still moving the plots around, so the plots may not b ...
SP3NC3RXD So, what about the people that bought a plot at the old spawn?
-Satlan what about //changenear ? ...

Hey guys this is just to notify people That the date of the skyprison meet up will be the 25th of july 2015.

The meeting will take place in Swindon.

We will probably go to shaw ridge which is an area with several things to do inc Lazer tag and Bowling (aswell as a pizzahut) So if you are interested in coming please respond to this news post so we can see the interest. 

Swindon is a railway town so you should be able to get here from almost anywhere in england/scotland/wales with a train station. If you are coming from anywhere else I would advise flying to either Bristol Airport or any of the London ones.

If you would like to stay over night there is a hotel in shaw ridge named 'The Village Urban resort' The main meet up will occur their but if you are interested in a possible second small meet up with a few drinks then look into 'The Crown Inn' As this is near my own occumadation but it will involve getting your own way to the first meet and back as I am not able to provide transport

If you have any questions or have something i forgot to add please mention it :D

Fre3zx Maybe some day I will come ...
118MASTERMAN come on guys will be better then mine con u get to see me ...
Protoyon Calculated the minimum price for a tickets/passport and the hotel to be about $2,281 USD. So, I'm afraid not this year.

SkyPrison Trailer

[STAFF] Goppi a posted May 17, 15

[STAFF] Goppi a The song name is TheFatRat - Xenogenesis
AwesomeEd What's the song called?
TyTheGamer2003 The best great job love this server

Both the donor island and tutorial island were ready for an update, both being one of the oldest builds aside from the center island.

Donor island has been updated with several features.
Tutorial island now has npc's that explain how things work and a walkthrough that resembles the grass island so new players will be less confused when encoutering things like mining or cutting trees.

A big thanks to Kiyan and Miniadventureman who did most of the work in these builds!

Doovah I love the new Donor island : D

If we update the server people that are using 1.7 clients won't be able to connect. But people will be able to use 1.8 items.

Vote here: click here

meggatron Where do you apply for guard
AntonisThem when the plugins will update to 1.8 ?

welcome sr-mods

otherwise777 a posted Apr 6, 15

3 people got the rank sr-mod:

  • Miniadventureman
  • Andylovesmangos
  • blueberry09

The sr-mod rank can be achieved by being a great asset to the staff team, a very dedicated staff member who's been with us for a considerable amount of time and in general just being a great moderator. We currently have 4 sr-mods, the server has only known 5 sr-mods in it's lifetime.


Luvvvsss Amazing Guys! MiniAdventureMan, Andylovesmangoes, and blueberry09 ...
_AnnaBear On a completely different subject, what are the points used for? xD
MrsKatie o Congrats ...

Easter sale 60% off

otherwise777 a posted Apr 2, 15

This has to be one of the biggest sales we've ever done, people kept asking for a sale and i think that easter is the perfect time to do one. Everything is in sale except the prestige category since it has just been launched. 
A few things to note:

  • When you make use of the sale you get tokens based on the original price, so not the price you paid, this means you get more tokens for your money!
  • When purchasing something your basket has to be at least $5, else it would cost us more then it would cost you
  • the donor rank is available at 40$, this only registers for original values, so you would only have to purchase 24$ on items to achieve that $ behind your name
  • The sale ends after the 19th of april

We won't be doing a special easter event because we did a lot of updates recently, 
Have a fun easter!

evergreen555 Cool! I'll definitely put it to use ;p
horse2484 Sweet! I can tell what I'm spending my money on xD

April fools!

otherwise777 a posted Apr 2, 15

We never did anything before for april fools but it was a big succes,
Wen you mined blocks there was a 1% chance of hearing a creeper sound directly behind you
And when you joined there was a 30% chance of seeing the OP message shown below
This freaked a lot of people out before they clicked the url and found out it was
an april fools joke

We hope you enjoyed! we'll definatly do another one next year ;p

Ihasoreos13 That is awesome! Wish I could've seen it
YungProdigy Sick other.. Good idea! To bad I couldn't come on lol
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