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We didn't reach the donation goal this month but because some people still donated alot to try to reach it last week we decided to give everyone 100 enjin points.

If we reach it next month, that is september, then everyone will get 350 enjin points and 250 tokens
Note: you will need to be registerd on the website to claim the reward. the reward will be processed once the donation goal has been reached.
ratchetgame98 Sorry you didn't reach the donation goal last month (August), but, to be honest, I think the chances would be lower this ...

1k post club

[STAFF] lego201 atag posted Sat at 20:59
Hey guys, if you haven't noticed already, 2 people are over 1k posts! A few days ago DFMcMinecraft reached 1k posts. Thank you for your dedication dfm! So i just created a thing called the 1k club. People that reach 1k posts will be awarded with this forum tag. Maybe in the future the 1k club members will get some perks. Anyways, I just thought id let you guys know.
ratchetgame98 A forum in the general forums should be added for the 1K club just to post random stuff to get 2K Club ...
Coolfire7523 they should also get 1k points as a reward
DFMcMinecraft tag Sounds nice! ...

Donation Goal!

[STAFF] Milky5432 a posted Tue at 23:44
Hey guys
So as you know the new points system has been implemented (and going well) and we are adding more ways to earn points.
The most recent we have added is a mass point/token award for reaching the donation goal.
Basically we have added a donation goal this means that every person that donates will add points to the tally.
If the donation goal is $20 and person A donates $10 and person B Donates $5 we will all be $15 towards the $20 total.
In the case of skyprison if we all pitch in and reach the goal amount, a set amount of tokens will be awarded to EVERY PLAYER!! (Awesome right) 
This month we will be awarding 250 tokens and points to all players when the goal is reached (this may adjust up or down depending on how quickly/slowly points are earned and it will not be all months). So to summarize. All donate. All get tons of points. Im awesome

Thanks guys 

Ps. Keep up to date here
ratchetgame98 "Im Awsome" Famous last words ...
[STAFF] xkiyanx At the right side. ...
DFMcMinecraft tag What's the current Donation Goal?

Win some Points

[STAFF] Milky5432 a posted Aug 24, 14
So im going to be running a competition with SPNT and its just about posting community new stories
This competition will be on going and i will announce when it has finished.
Now to play its very simple

Step 1. Log into Skyprison
Step 2. Find something cool/interesting
Step 3. Go to this link
Step 4. Post a news story about it and include screenies
Step 5. If i think your post is awesome enough you get points to spend on the website

Follow Forum and Global rules (click the rules tab on top menu to review)
Only 1 post per week (You may post more withen reason but only 1 post will be counted you cannot win twice in 1 week)
Make sure to read and leave feedback on other peoples post (its only Fair)
Have fun!

Goodluck guys
Today i have spent all day redoing the website theme.
Most of the website is still the same and has only been reskinned.
We have also added a new banner and changed some of the features.
This is only the first day some features may be changed over the course of the next week.
The points (Read inbox or go onto the points section of the forum) Have been added in as a trial version and we are looking to adding extra things you can buy.
Don't expect premium items to appear most of the items to be added will be lower ranked items (eg pickaxes)
If you find a bug or a way to abuse this system please inform an admin/forum mod
Hope you guys enjoy the new website please leave any feedback you have below
Milky <3
ratchetgame98 Great job. New website is better no matter how long it took ...
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