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Until the 14th of november you will get 25% discount on everything in the webstore.

Halloween 2015

otherwise777 a posted Oct 31, 15

Even though lots of admins had exams to study for we found time to create yet another amazing halloween event.

The story:
2 years ago the pumpkin king was defeated, his remains are still somewhere divided over his minions. Every minion type now has one of its pieces, 10 in total. Your job is to kill the minions until you have collected all 10 pieces of the pumpkin king. When you bring those to otherwise777 he will give you a pumpkin crystal to teleport to the pumpkin island where you can defeat stronger monsters for 5 rare drops!

A few remarks:
You can start the event in the center by clicking on otherwise777
Clicking your compass shows you the other compasses available, clicking one of them switches your compass location to the one of that monster in the free world
important! The monsters hideouts are in the free world! This means you need free rank or above
This event isn't done in an houre, don't get your hopes up
The event will be available the whole november
You need to fight lots of monsters to get the drop you need, protip: work together with your friends
The items the monsters drop can be used as normal items, tip: don't eat the kings feet
If you lose your compass, simply talk to otherwise777 again, same goes for the crystal
When a monster drops part of the pumpkin king you will get a message, it's not a common drop
Each monster drops 1 part, this means you cannot get more then 1 special drop from 1 monster
The items needed for the quest all start with "king"

[GUARD] horse2484 how do we check to see if you have got the dia armour? cuz i cant get the helm
Punxsy13 i was third after fcchow
Major_Lue Officially first to complete the first part! No clue what to do about the second lol.

Horse2484 organized a skin contest with some awesome prizes,
You can even win donation coupons!

Check it out here:

You have until the 31st of october to submit your skin

We used to allow people to grief inside of claims with the motto "Well, you should've had added the griefer int he first place".

We decided this wasn't the way to go anymore so we added a new rule which makes griefing inside of claims banable. We did this because we don't want people to grief inside of the claims of their "friends".

Please still be carefull with whom you add, since it will take admins a long time to check and restore griefed property. And we won't keep rolling back areas if you get griefed multiple times by your own mistakes.

Have a nice day

fcchow So if we get griefed, does our stuff get rolled back as long as we didn't do anything stupid to get ourselves griefed?
LTank7 Thank you Other! ...

We just updated the server succesfully to 1.8, we disabled banners because of a current bug, the rest should be working as normal. Please let us know if you find any bugs.

Aside from that we implemented a temporary fix for when your prestige inventory gets reset when you change your name. This was happening ever since name changing was released and still cannot be fixed automatically. If this happens, please contact an admin to get your inventory restored in the prestige world.

GreenStarPaladin Yay this bug for prestige has been happening to me alot now ( I change my name alot) ...

Skyprison goes 1.8

otherwise777 a posted Aug 25, 15

It's been longer then a year now since minecraft 1.8 has been released. 

There were lots of struggles down the road in updating the server, but the last weeks/months we have tested it and it's ready to be updated

The server will be updated on august 26th on 20:00 gmt

[STAFF] Tom a Don't worry 1.7 users, you are not forgotten, there is a special compatibility mod installed to let you guys join. (You ...

You heard it right, 60% discount on everything until the end of august. I'm currently testing 1.8 so we can finally update together with some other small updates.

Have a nice summer!

MrKartik Cool summer update? ...
AntonisThem That's Cool Update

As most of you already know the Creative Server got an update with the new spawn.

However, thats not all.

The Plot limit has been raised to 2 plots per player. However if you finish a plot you can claim another one by contacting an admin.

The Build section in the forums has been cleaned up and you can now submit your plot and get feedback from the community! Plots thats liked by the community and that looks nice can be moved closer/around the creative spawn. You can find the forums here 

The News plugin has been added to Creative aswell, so you'll now also see news messages appear with information in the Creative server.

A bunch of new Worldedit commands have been added that you use! Here's the new ones:
For all commands available please visit

[STAFF] Goppi a Plots thats been bought will still be placed around the spawn. I'm still moving the plots around, so the plots may not b ...
SP3NC3RXD So, what about the people that bought a plot at the old spawn?
Basic6952 what about //changenear ? ...
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