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News is currently down, this takes 30 minutes before it's up again. But is working just fine, and you can even go to skyprison with that ip. This is because only the ip is down, not the server that's behind it.

So, store in your server list!!
Today's update contains getting more tokens for killing players outside of the grass island. We did this to lure people away from the grass island because there's just to much pvping at a single spot.

These numbers were calculated over a course of 30 hours (not made up)

The reward you get for killing someone outside of the grass island is 7 tokens, also, you now get 10 tokens for killing a guard.
If you kill a specific player twice within 15 minutes you won't get the tokens the second time. (this does not apply to killing guards)

If the numbers don't change we might reverse some updates and try something else.
EDIT: delay changed from 60 to 15 minutes

natehildreth Make it so G-Rankers don't give tokens when killed on G-Island Also you could add a penalty for killing G-Rankers if th ...
Hibobhibob Good idea, I think this will help new players a ton
Shamwow221 Do guards still get GP for killing the same player twice within the hour?

Void item drop party!

otherwise777 a posted Nov 19, 14

Every now and then people die while they are flying above the void, what a waste of items! they always fall in the void and get lost! Not anymore, i wrote a new plugin that collects all the items that fall in the void, once there are enough items in the queue all items will be dropped in the center. There is a broadcast 1 minute in advance before the drop party starts

Erocknuber20 Are the god apples just something special or do those really fall like everyday in the void?

Skyblock reset

otherwise777 a posted Nov 17, 14
The skyblock server had a good long run, but almost nobody plays on it anymore, that's why Squirrelmail is going to work on it. this also means that the server will be reset in 3 weeks.

As usual with worlds/ servers we reset the map will be posted online for download.
silas_radriar can you add me as a guard please... i really need/want to be a guard please make me a guard please...
Instamine1 Free world isn't resetting. Right? Took me ages to build everything in the free.
timiamarshall if free world is gonna get reset then tell us so we can take our stuff to our plot.

What's this?

[STAFF] Goppi a posted Nov 15, 14
What's this? A new town? A new free world?

GuyOP wait what. is this a whole new rank/world, or just a willage part of the free world.
Plancher A new free world?
Withertheking500 I got no clue!

Spam control v2

otherwise777 a posted Nov 14, 14
I've been working on a new spam control for the chat for a while, since i was annoyed by the amount of spam i saw in the main chat.
It's a pretty complex plugin, but here's some things it will do:
  • Reduces the amount of characters that are repeated in a sentence
  • limits the amount of messages that can be sent in a certain timeframe
  • changes upper cased text to lower case if to many upper case characters are used
  • changes ip's if advertisers are online spamming ip's
Let me know if you think it doesn't work correctly.

Other recent updates:
  • Added chat lines in the leaderboards /lb chat
  • Removed elbaino's and otherwise777's tokens since they were cheated tokens
  • /lastmsg let's you see your own private message log up to 20 msgges (usefull for reporting people)
  • /tpahere has a cooldown period now
  • firstjoin has been added to the leaderboards /lb firstjoin (even though this doesn't changed, the leaderboard users are removed every once in a while, so it only shows the people that logged in in the last x days)
  • /dnd was fixed, the do not disturb mode that disables people to msg you
charliewolves "changes upper cased text to lower case if to many upper case characters are used" Minor off topic here, but w ...
Milky5432 is now part of the admin team, his function is community management, this includes:
  • Taking care of the website/ forum
  • Taking care of incomming reports 
  • Communication between staff/admins and the community
Aside from that he's part of the admins thus involved in the bigger updates that happen in skyprison.

FYI, the admin team exists of all Developers, wardens head-mod and head-guard
The admin team discusses the progress of the server and where it's headed in the future.

Welcome to the team Milky!
n8soccer Gratz
[STAFF] VampiresRule4804 Gratz Milky, you sure earned it ...
[STAFF] lego201 atag GZ MILKY!
Congrats to the winners of the Halloween contest! 

1st place : Quob
2nd place : Coolfire7523
3rd place : SnakeTheJakeFTW

Please contact otherwise777 ingame through /mail for your prizes!
Thanks to all that entered and we loved you Halloween festive skins! :D

Withertheking500 ya that's rigged
Coolfire7523 Thanks a lot! Gratz to quob and jake, and to everyone else, your skins were amazing. ...
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