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Updated rewards and claims for sale!

otherwise777 a
otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
posted 13 hours ago

The rewards got a big update, you can now do all rewards again after a limited time and you can track your progress when doing /rewards

it will show this inventory:

The description tells you the token reward, and once you've completed it it tells you how long you need to wait before doing it again. once you've completed it the item turns into a real item instead of a block (like the ladder)

Check who founds most with /lb rewards 
And check the scoreboard for parkours with /lb parkour

Also, you can purchase more claims in the skyprison store!

New parkours!

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otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
posted Mon at 0:18

Anyone saw that "comming soon" sign at the parkours? If you think you had to wait long for prestige, that sign has been there for over 2 years. But not anymore! Mr_goodenough did a pretty good job creating 8 new parkour maps! and they are awesome!

In the meantime i coded a plugin that lets you add checkpoints along the way, and a nice overview with /parkour that tracks your progress and lets you teleport to the parkours! I'm still working on an automatic teleport when you fall in the water, but more on that later.

Once you have finished all the parkours you get an ocelot pet!

MeggyG Very excited to start doing parkour!

Help us with creating skyblock

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otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
posted Feb 18, 15

Skyblock is being redone, but we need to know what we can do to improve it and make it better. Please let us know in this topic:

Tokenshop update!

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otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
posted Feb 17, 15

The prices are still the same (for now) but it has become so much easyer and user friendly to use it!

When you click an item you get the confirmation window, if you click the green boxes you confirm the tokenshop purchase. No more accidently buying stuff!

I added a book that tells you all the diffent methods to obtain tokens:

A big thank you to andylovesmangos for configuring all these interfaces. Even though i spend days programming the framework, he spend days configuring it all. thank you andy!

(FYI: its now very easy for us to create these kind of inventories, where would you like us to use these more?)

polnuim231 One thing, is you could create a crafting interface (for those pain to craft items) like sugarcane to sugar for example.
ZzTurtlexNinjazZ You should add something like that in the market but greatwork
otherwise777 a
otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
commands are /tokens /tokenshop or /token shop just like before If you want to quick buy something you can still use /to ...

New hub with find the treasure!

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otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
posted Feb 15, 15

Today the new hub has been released, Kiyan did most of the work so a big thanks to him!
I wrote some plugins for it including the find the treasure. Here's how it works:

Every 5 minutes a chest is hidden somewhere on the map (there are 100 predefined locations for this). If someone finds the chest within 5 minutes they get a chest point and a new chest is hidden. if nobody finds it within 5 minutes another chest is hidden. So over time it keeps getting easyer to find the chests since there are more and more chests. (protip: look for chests if nobody has been on the hub for a while, you'll see at least 10 chests right away)
25 chest points = zombie pet
100 chest points = magma cube pet
300 chest points = blaze pet
1000 chest points = wither pet 

ratchetgame98 tag The new hub looks much better than the old one . Great work by everyone who helped make it ...
DarkKnight777 Thanks Kiyan for your awesome work, aswel to otherwise all everyone who built it!

/claim details and /claim info

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otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
posted Feb 9, 15

2 new commands have been added today:

/claim info
Shows information about the claim you are currently standing in, if you are the owner of that claim it will also show the flags

/claim detail <name>
Shows information about your claim named <name> with all details

/claim detail <player> <name>
Shows informatino about the players claim named <name> if you are a member

other bug fixes:
Chestshop no longer gives stacked items that shouldn't be stacked.
Chestshops should be name change accesible, to easely change the name on your sign of a chestshop use /resetsign or /fixsign while looking at the chestshop sign
/claim list is now 100 timers faster and lists all your claims including the ones you are a member of
votings have been fixed and now accept name changes




Claim updates

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otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
posted Feb 7, 15

In my recent news post there was already some info regarding the claim updates. In this news post i will go into more details and possible questions.

You can use flags to disable or enable your members to do stuff in your claim. If a claim isn't set that means that members of the claim will be able to do it, and non members won't. There's 1 exception and that's the flag "entry" when this flag isn't set people will be able to enter, when you set this one to deny only members will be able to enter.

Interact flag:
This is a new flag introduced that enables/disables interacting with objects/ animals and such. With this flag disabled players cannot push buttons/ activate pistons or access any forms of "inventories"(chests and such). this flag also disables players to sit on animals or vehicles.

Build flag:
This is for placing blocks, breaking blocks, killing entities/ animals, sleeping, pvp, and all flags with interact. This is sort of like a global flag to either disable or enable all these things. A good thing about this is that you can prevent other players from killing your animals in your claim.

use flag:
Wether people can use doors levers and such

Wheter people can open chests or other kinds of inventories (excluding your own inventory)

I used to be able to use stuff inside a claim now i cannot,
This is probably duo the use flag being on disable, This means that nobody can use anything including yourself. Remove this flag to let members use items again: /claim flag <claim> use remove 

A full documentation about all the flags and what they do precisly can be found here:


If you have any questinos, let me know in the comments or ingame.


118MASTERMAN for some reason i have to keep adding it logging out and logging in for it to work
otherwise777 a
otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
Apperently fly flags have been removed in some cases, However, the fly flags do work. I do need to fix /claim detail &l ...
Major_Lue So is the whole claiming system as well as fly flags fixed?

1.8 update + name changes

otherwise777 a
otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
posted Feb 3, 15

9 months ago 1.8 was released, after the countless amount of tests run we are finally running 1.8.

This update required us to update many of our plugins, lots of them broke and had to be replaced or rewritten, a few examples:

  • Worldguard (the plugin that protects area's including claims)
  • fly plugin (didnt work at all so i wrote one myself)
  • permissions plugin

Here's a list of current things that are broken:

  • some pistons dont work anymore, report this and we will fix it
  • some signs with rewards on them appear empty, please let us know
  • skyplots command will probably not work, this is being worked on
  • name tags, prefix/suffix are currently not working

There are some major chances in the way flags work with the new worldguard, so that also includes changes in the claim plugin:

The flags for the usage of certain things have changed. And the flag use and chest-access have changed as well.
All claims that had a claim with the flag use: allow or chest-access: allow have had these flags removed.
If you have a claim, it will automatically protect the area from:
- piston usage
- interacting with entities (this is mobs/ item frames/ pigs etc)
- interacting with doors/levers and such
- using chests
- blocks being broken/ placed
- whether vehicles/ animals can be mounted

All these things can be enabled/ disabled as well. Be aware of 1 important thing:
If you enable a flag it will be enabled for everyone, also for people that aren't added to your claim.
If you disable a flag, it will be disabled for everyone, including the owner/ members of the claim (thius is not for all flags, ie. entry: deny only denies entry for non members/owners)
You can remove a flag with /claim flag <name> <flag_name> remove
Here's a link to the full change docs on the flags:


Another new rule, since it's possible to change your name now it's possible that you change your name and that someone else takes your old name. This is not allowed on this server and you won't be able to enter the server when you have done so until you have changed your name again. this is to ensure that unforseen bugs in the name changing system cannot be abused.

People who have changed their name will get a ^ in front of their name in the chat to indicate their name change


otherwise777 a
otherwise777 @ Sky Prison
I recommend not changing your name, maybe it doesn't cause problems on skyprison, but it can still cause problems on oth ...
ratchetgame98 tag I'm not going to be changing my name anyway for now, probably keep it ratchetgame98 for as long as I have MineCraft, or ...
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