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The first 3 people to reach the prestige rank Earth will get a reward, the donation:
"Let mobs spawn with your name on them FULL COLOR"

This means that mobs will spawn with their name on it in full color!

Darude_Killer Well Kiyan, Mr_goodenough, and Xprimntl win.
DrakePork other, i have some questions. 1. What if you already have the donation? 2. What if you dont have name color?

Prestige updates

otherwise777 a posted Mar 19, 15

Prestige has been released for a few days, and to balance it out we updated a few things:

  • The safezone teleport no disablings you from entering it after leaving less then 2 minutes ago.
  • Enderchest upgrades now cost 64 and 128 emerald blocks instead of the 750 and 1500
  • Minereset signs now have a minreset resettime sign next to them, which you can reset the timer for 20 emeralds.
  • You won't get killed anymore when you fall in the void if you haven't pvped, you will be send out of prestige with a cooldown of 10 minutes
  • Tnt can now be used to explode blocks in the mines
  • 10 prestige skills have been added to the leaderboards, check them out with /lb prestige
  • the /prestige info has been updated with the latest information
  • You wont get send to the center of prestige when running against the worldborder

Other minor updates:

  • Flint and steel can be used again to light portals (this bug existed for over a year)
  • You can see the last 10 people you've killed or been killed by with /lastkill
  • the secret jail command has been changed (it's secret again)
  • You can now use /whois <player> to obtain lots of information about that player, including their last seen information and if they are jailed/opped
  • added new safezone messages and hit messages, including commands to turn those messages off
  • Added durations in the leaderboards on /lb firstjoin and /lb playtime
  • Added your own rank and score in the leaderboards for any skill if you are listed
  • leaderboards now get updated when you join the server instead of when you leave the server
  • namecolors now get correctly updated in the leaderboards when you change them (nobody noticed that this has never worked before?)
  • horses can now be killed
  • voting site minestatus has been fixed
  • pets can now be named

More donations have been added to the store, including:

  • Horses, invincible against monsters and you can respawn them whenever you like and even increase the speed
  • /workbench pop up a workbench wherever you are
  • /feed fill your feed bar, usable once every 5 minutes
  • 50% and 75% decreasing of waiting times of prestige, this includes void warp, death time, safezone time and chest time
  • a free loot chest a day
  • Having mobs spawn with your name (full color!) (as seen in the picture on top)

Prestige release

otherwise777 a posted Mar 17, 15

Prestige has been released, everything has already been explained so all that's left is
to explore for yourself.

a few minor updates:
Fire rank price is now 250.000$
Fire rank does NOT include nether access anymore, you can buy that in the tokenstore

Don't rage to people in PM because they killed you, it's all part of the game

Good luck!

crugnuggs YAY!!!!!
MeggyG I'm so happy Fire is reduced now! ...

New Head Guard

[STAFF] Milky5432 a posted Mar 15, 15

Sorry its a bit late been busy
Im now happy with the guard system and all the tweeks ive made. Id like to say thanks to goli and keely and all the other guards who have helped. As soome of you know i was temporarily running guards since sgt stepped down and now im happy to annouce the Goliadd is the new head guard.
When you see her be sure to say congrats :)

ratchetgame98 tag Well unfirtunately I won't be able to come on for some time due to exams, but I hope she'll see this. CONGRATULATIONS Go ...
Tim_Grim_5000 I did ...

EDIT: Release day is next monday march 16th!

EDIT 2: the release time is 22:00 GMT, or 10pm gmt

Owh yes, it's almost done, some of you might have noticed we were working hard on prestige and that's correct!

I normally don't give estimations of how long updates will take but i can tell you it won't be longer then a couple of weeks now. We are crashing down the few bugs that are left to make sure you have a blasting expierence when doing prestige.

NOTE: we won't answer questions about prestige ingame or on the forums, you can search for information ingame like by doing /prestige (thats the information command)

YungProdigy I really hoped there is a donation option rank up to sky lol
horse2484 It realeses on my bday!
Tim_Grim_5000 How in the world is anyone gonna get 2k emerald blocks???

Horses in skyprison!

otherwise777 a posted Mar 5, 15

You can now purchase horses in the skyprison store again!

You can even try to obtain this bugged horse,

You can modify them a lot like:


This includes zombie and skeletal horses!

horse2484 I've been on skyprison Jk.
YungProdigy Zombie horse ...

Change my lamps!

WouterL a posted Mar 3, 15

Some time ago i was bored and created a plugin which you can change the color of the lamps in my room 
(where i live) with buttons in skyprison!

I streamed it so you could see: 

the stream will be online for a few days here:

The rewards got a big update, you can now do all rewards again after a limited time and you can track your progress when doing /rewards

it will show this inventory:

The description tells you the token reward, and once you've completed it it tells you how long you need to wait before doing it again. once you've completed it the item turns into a real item instead of a block (like the ladder)

Check who founds most with /lb rewards 
And check the scoreboard for parkours with /lb parkour

Also, you can purchase more claims in the skyprison store!

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