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Name tags and suffix!

otherwise777 a posted Dec 30, 14

If you have your pvp disabled you will now get a blue name, this is to show others that you cannot be attacked. While i was at it i also added a timer for people with a pvp timer and a donation suffix for the people that donated.

Disguises fixed + UI

otherwise777 a posted Dec 29, 14

After a long long time (i know i postponed this way 2 long) the disguises have been fixed.
There were lots of troubles with the plugin, first it crashed the server, then it crashed the clients.
I had to replace the plugin and transfer all the user settings (this took me hours and hours)

But it's done, i also spend some days making this wonderfull UI which pops up when doing /dg
It will show you all your disguises, when there are more of that type simply click on it and it will pop up a sub menu.

Birthday time!
Lots of extra disguises were added ingame and in the store, like all different villagers/ horses/ ocelots/ spiders/ skeletons and many more! 
If you were so awesome that you already purchased any of these you got all the sub disguises for free! (list below)

Creeper disguise, added charged creeper for free
Skeleton, added skeleton wither for free
Horse, added all 5 kinds of horses for free, zombie, skeletal, mule and donkey
Villager, added all 5 proffesions

Newly added disguises:
zombie pigman
mushroom cow
particle disguises

Added disguises that are unavailable atm: (these disguises will be released later)
lava slime
fire disguises
iron golum

My baby disguise doesn't work
Correct, this is currently a bug that crashes 1.8 clients so we turned it off for now

I don't see any colored heads
You are probably on 1.7, on 1.7 you will see enchanted heads that are available to you

I bought the <mob> disguise before but i can still not use it
Please contact Otherwise777 ingame or here, something probably went wrong in the proces of transfering your user file.

What is the particle disguise?
It's particles that follow you when disguised, you can toggle it on/off and it can be used on any disguise just like the fire particles

BennettDaniel12 o otherwise777 it did not work. Any other suggestions? ...
BennettDaniel12 o Thank you. I will try it when I can get on
otherwise777 a This could be caused by the voting permissions, this should be fixed when you vote 1 more time, then it checks everythin ...

Type /achievement or /am in short to open your achievements window,
For now there are 2 achievements in there, the halloween event achievement and the christmas event achievement. If you click the item you will receive a 1 time 300 tokens and it will spawn a pet that's bounded to the event.

For the people that still want to do the halloween special:
/server halloween

Have fun!
Withertheking500 x When I Do /am Is Just Says: ...
Hibobhibob With the 300 tokens added I think a lot more people may try the events. Great work, I think it's a great idea!
Hey guys, Sgt here and after thinking for a while i decided to step down as your head guard on Skyprison. I've had a lot come up and as you may have noticed my inactivity has gotten to the best of me, and decided it's better for me to open the position for someone else. For the while I had served you guys i enjoyed every last second of it, making lots of friends along the way. But I also have to apologize to the few who will be disappointed in my leave.
Thank you for allowing me to be your head guard.
Nikolasv619 im glad to see you step down you've down a favour to everyone
Nikolasv619 Im very glad to hear your stepping down
ratchetgame98 You were a great Head Guard Sgt_Smiley. Haven't been on SkyPrison myself or on the website to see anything on SkyPrison ...

Christmas event

otherwise777 a posted Dec 23, 14

You might have been wondering what the whole staff was doing these past few weeks, well, we were working day and night to get this special christmass event done, the biggest event we've done so far. 
We hope you like it!

You can enter it in the hub, check the red circle in the picture below:

Sneak preview

otherwise777 a posted Dec 22, 14
Protoyon Using my super powers of observation, I'm guessing this is some sort of tag mini game and slash or event? Whomever holds ...
Withertheking500 x Alright Then Hampe
otherwise777 a just for the record, i am technically holding the chicken, the 1:08 is a countdown

2 years already

otherwise777 a posted Dec 20, 14

It's been 2 years already since i first plugged this server and joined on it, together with goppi, georgenorris007 and shotz_x_x who joined less then an houre after me to start finalizing the islands.

This doesn't mean the server has been open for 2 years btw, that's a bit later,
I can tell you guys that we will have a party for that day!
GeorgeNorris007 Pff always one of the originals ...
aman2248 What day is it anyway?

skyprison commercial

otherwise777 a posted Dec 19, 14
credits: spencer_awesome
spencer_awesome Thanks guys :3
LTank7 @ Sky Prison
Awesome video Spence! <3 Skyprison! Great job! ...
otherwise777 a spencer_awesome made it btw ...
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