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New Website Theme & Points

[STAFF] Milky5432 a
Milky5432 @ Sky Prison
posted Thu at 22:36
Today i have spent all day redoing the website theme.
Most of the website is still the same and has only been reskinned.
We have also added a new banner and changed some of the features.
This is only the first day some features may be changed over the course of the next week.
The points (Read inbox or go onto the points section of the forum) Have been added in as a trial version and we are looking to adding extra things you can buy.
Don't expect premium items to appear most of the items to be added will be lower ranked items (eg pickaxes)
If you find a bug or a way to abuse this system please inform an admin/forum mod
Hope you guys enjoy the new website please leave any feedback you have below
Milky <3
ratchetgame98 Great job. New website is better no matter how long it took ...

Skyprison IRL meet

otherwise777 a posted Tue at 20:39

The IRL meet is over, and everyone is home/ on their way back home, i just came home myself.
The meet was a big success and everyone had lots of fun, here's a quick overview.

Goppi and Milky came one day earlier because they had to fly to the Netherlands, together with me Flyingdutchgirl and Ratedrforray we went to starburstlovers place to have some fun before the meeting. The next day we left to the meeting which started in Utrecht central station. From there we walked to the arcade hall where we found out it was bankrupt :( But luckely we found a pooling bar nearby where we had lots of fun pooling (another activity which is fun even when you suck :D)
After some fun at the pooling area it was time to hit some pins at the bowling area, I made some prizes that could be won here, here are the presents together with the bowling results:

Congratulations to Malloot for winning the bowling match with a stunning 128 points! (with 3 strikes)

Everyone had a great time at the meeting, there will probably be another one next year as well (maybe with skyprison goodies as well) and maybe in another country :)

Thank you everyone for attending!

Tylokz79 OMG Wherever we go we NEED to do laser tag!!!
VampireQueen2002 THAT LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN! Thing is we are to young to travel without our parents. The thing that sucks is i found ou ...
Tylokz79 Maybe next year somewhere in America?

Skyprison pre irl meet

otherwise777 a posted Sat at 20:04
Tomorrow is the skyprison irl meet, half of the people have gatherd together and we decided to jail one of the staff members

VampireQueen2002 I wanna know D: I WANNA FEEL INCLUDED!!!! :3
[STAFF] lego201 a
lego201 @ Sky Prison
I know who it is now, but i won't say who ...
DFMcMinecraft I do know who it is ...

Teamspeak update

[STAFF] Milky5432 a
Milky5432 @ Sky Prison
posted Aug 7, 14
Hey guys update on teamspeak.
118Masterman and Flyingdouchegirl have updated teamspeak. 
Hopefully the servers will be alot tidier and less confusing from now on so quick walk through of the updates:


Lounge 1-4: This is the general chat for everyone to use (in co ordination with global rules)
Music lounge 1-2: this is the server for people who have audio feed mods. You can play music one at a time and share your favorite songs.
Staff lounges: Now an area for staff to chat and discuss things (staff can now kick players from the channel)
No channel creation: You cannot create channels anymore 
Prefixs/Ranks: Owner, Admin, Ts Mod, Mod

So come join us on the smexy new ts look and have a chat :)
(Or click the ts symbol in the bottom right of your screen) 
[STAFF] cade77 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. that was funny.
Erocknuber20 What did he do
chillipowda "118Masterman and Flyingdouchegirl have updated teamspeak" I see what you did there ;)
Skyprison would never be so big if it wasn't for the awesome staff we have, that's why it's time to show some appreciation.

According to your rank you get a coupon:
Head-mod/ Head-guard $35 coupon
Sr-mod $20 coupon
mod $10 coupon
trialmod/ sr-guard/ i-guard $5 coupon

To claim the coupon simply send a mail to with your IGN and rank
You cannot sell these coupons, they are only meant to be used for the person that obtained it.
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