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You may have been wondering why some players are in the server PreRelease2…

Skyprison network is glad to announce that it will be expanding its network with a faction server. Currently it is under construction and development, therefore it will not be full release until the work is completed. The server needs help but only certain players are allowed to be whitelisted, which are the Game Insight Team and the Builder Team. If you have the skills for building and would like to join the team, you may apply in the forums. Also, if you would like to help improve the server and find bugs, you may apply in forums.

Factions will have it's own section in forums, find any related information of factions in this section. Any questions or doubts feel free to contact me. Full information can be found here.

Leadership Team,

Panda Loves You.

GeppiOMG I am a developer I custom coded a whole prison server. DeathWish17 a13xa11an
GeppiOMG DeathWish17 is there any way i can help
[STAFF] Loquos \/ It's true.

Congratulations to Kiyan for being the latest addition to the sr-mods! He has been helping Skyprison for a long time by modding as well as building a lot of the builds in the skyprison world! We therfore think he would be a great addition to the current sr-mods, Blueberry09 and Miniadventureman!

Make sure to congratulate him if you see him in game! (which I'm sure you will do)

The end world has now been realeased which allows all SKY-ranked players to fight the enderdragon, as well as exploring the 1.9 end in search for rare loot and valuable items! To get to the end you will have to jump into the portal at the SKY-island situated behind grass. 

We have also made some small changes to the villagers in prestige:

  • The selling price for blocks and ores has been buffed
  • The quartz block is now worth equivalent to 4 normal quartz
  • You can now also sell iron blocks in the center. 
Aidenate Will end reset because if one person defeats the end dragon...

Server Upgrade

xtechgamer735 a posted Aug 11, 16

UPDATE 2: All maintenance is now complete! Normal service is now resumed.

UPDATE 1: Work is still ongoing, hold tight it should be completed soon!

We are performing a few server upgrades so there may be a little downtime over the next few hours. I will update this post with progress and when the work is complete.

Thank you for your patience!

-xtech & the admin team

[STAFF] DeathWish17 Skyprison is back online!
Aidenate What are you updating?

Updates, News & More

xtechgamer735 a posted Jul 8, 16

Im writing this to let you know of a few of the changes around SP over the past week, as well as some news. But lets get started with the updates! The main, new noticable things have been added. Im sure you have seen some of these around already:

  • Scratch Cards
  • Bug Fixes
  • /enchanttable command

Scratch cards have been added to the server as a fun way to win prizes of all varieties. You can buy these in game or get them for free with each donation from the store.

Im trying to fix as many bugs as possible, keep reporting them and we'll keep squashing them. I plan to get through all the currently open ones as soon as possible so dont worry.

Finally, as of today you can now purchase a new package from the store - the /enchanttable command! This allows you to open your own portable enchanting table and get upto level 30 enchants from anywhere! Ill leave a link here.

Now for the bad news, I am on holiday for the next two weeks and with hotel wifi its unlikely ill be in game much for this time... However the rest of the admin team is here as always. Hopefully i will be able to get on here though.

Keep your thoughts coming on the player feedback post, and look forward to some big updates soon.

- xtech <3

Don’t be scared, I won’t leave, but I won’t be the owner of SkyPrison anymore either. It’s been a great pleasure starting SkyPrison and being the owner for the past 42 months but it’s time that SkyPrison moved on with another owner.

I know that most of you won’t agree with me and simply don’t want to see me step down. But this is something I have given a lot of thought and discussed with the admins as well. In the last year I didn’t have much time for SkyPrison and it was hard for me to manage SkyPrison next to the things that I’m doing on a daily basis. The player count went down and something had to be done. I figured that choosing a new owner would be the best option for SkyPrison.

Like I said, this doesn’t mean that I will be gone, you will see me popping online from time to time to update some plugins or maintain the server. But I won’t be making a new plugins, that is xtech’s job.
xprimntl Like you said other, people will disagree and I do but that won't make me disrespect you any for it, I think that y...
DrCaleb You were the best owner I knew, you were constantly talking with the players and laughing along with us. I think, and ho...
SP3NC3RXD You've been an extremely amazing owner on SkyPrison. You've created something that so many people enjoy, and t...

The sun is shining again (in most countries) which means there's another summer sale.
The sale will last until the 7th of july!

LTank7 My summer has been Hot, Hot, Hot! The only thing to do is stay in the pool all day, everyday, at least until football st...
Jopham There's too much sun here in Arizona, it's like an oven over here
[GUARD] Steviell Here it's rainy (as always)


Just like in SM64! (Minus the paintings!) and big thanks to Moderator tntexplodee for pioneering the game mode!

Alex's Secret Slide is a Minecraft Sliding track where you slide using your row boat to the bottom of the track! Its similar to how sliding works in Mario 64. There are jumps, hair-pin turns and massive turns where you can drift-turn in Minecraft.


1. Fast track design, the track is designed to be run at high speed
2. Drift Turns, spectacular drifts can be achieved at turns
3. Sky-Jumps, fly over breath taking track gaps and bounce to new levels!
4. Hair-Pin Turns, drift turn 180 degrees and reverse direction of travel!
5. Multiplayer compatible, play alone or race with friends!
6. Stabilizer steps, after a turn don't lose control, the staircases will reduce sideways slide!
7. Easy teleportation back to the start of the game!

You can also download this game mode to play for yourself in Single Player from here!

If the link above does not work use this.

LTank7 If a second slider course is made, maybe add a reward for completing it and/or for fastest time. Just a thought
[STAFF] Mr_Alesaki21 Oh my name is in it I know it doesn't refer to me but excellent
_SkyAngel This track was a lot of fun!