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January is now over which means that the thread for Januarys Building Competition is closed! Thanks to everyone who participated, there was a lot of great builds which made the judging hard; (Whole 4 buildings was fighting for the third place!!). 

To find out about the results be sure to check Here,

And to see what the theme will be for next month's Competition check Here!

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated and dont stop building ;)

jmd1122 that's my build

Yes! It's finally back after a solid 1.5 years, the server hosted building competitions! A new competition will start each month and gives you the chance to win amazing prizes such as tokens, buy craft coupons, or why not a new rank, [Architect] unique for the winners of these building competitions!

For more information of how to enter, prizes and the rules check out the General Information!

To check out the theme for January's competition, check out January's Building Competition!

Good Luck and may the best builder win!

Homer003 W Yeah probaly <3
Steviell Great

Because it has been 3 years since SP started I wanted to do another update today that people have been asking for a LONG time...  the Sky Block server is finnaly being released!  You can access it by typing /server skyblock!  Once you teleport there you will see the familiar Server-Center painted in blue and you will be able to get your  very own Sky Block by typing /island or clicking one of the signs on the center!

Sky block Islands

exactly 3 years ago we released the beta of skyprison, the 29th marks the birthday of skyprison as it's official release so you can expect something on that date.
For today we will release the new free world, an update that lots of people have been waiting on for a while.
With this new world we will also release a mobspawner plugin which enables players that bought mobspawners to place and remove them, more info about this can be found on the commands page

With this new free world a lot of questions will arrise, that's why we've made a small FAQ:

Q: Will the old free be removed?
A: No, not for a long time, the new world will be the primary world and we would like you to use this world instead so the server is less laggy.

Q: Why are we having a new free world? what was wrong with the old one
A: The one one simply became too big, it also causes a lot of lag on the server because of the millions of entities that are loaded.

Q: Will you help us transfer our bases?
A: We won't transfer your whole base, but we will copy your chests over to the new free world.

Q: Will you place mob spawners in the old free
A: No, with the new free comes a new mob-spawner plugin. You will get access to the commands when you break your old spawners together with an admin.

Q: How do I enter the new free, and can i still access the old free?
A: You enter the new free from the free island portal. There's also a warp sign to the old free.

Additional info: When you use /sethome free, in the new free world you can use it even if you have used all your homes. This should make it easyer to move stuff from the old free to the new free/

DrCaleb otherwise777 I have an Island in oldfree that was multiple soon to be expensive items. And I have rare/expensive items ...
Dansem o Q: Every time 1 Free World gets big, you will make a new free world? A: -

Christmas sale!

WouterL a posted Dec 9, 15

Aside from our awesome christmas event we will also have a christmas sale, 70% discount on everything!
The sale will end on the 2nd of january

janwil a Epic picture
_Jossue_ Thanks otherwise for the discount !

This year you will get a present every day until christmas!
There is a chest under the tree in the center, it will have different items in it every day that you can collect.

There is also a christmass sale comming up so stay tuned!

Coffeeee_ Nice! I just got mine today c:

Until the 14th of november you will get 25% discount on everything in the webstore.

Halloween 2015

otherwise777 a posted Oct 31, 15

Even though lots of admins had exams to study for we found time to create yet another amazing halloween event.

The story:
2 years ago the pumpkin king was defeated, his remains are still somewhere divided over his minions. Every minion type now has one of its pieces, 10 in total. Your job is to kill the minions until you have collected all 10 pieces of the pumpkin king. When you bring those to otherwise777 he will give you a pumpkin crystal to teleport to the pumpkin island where you can defeat stronger monsters for 5 rare drops!

A few remarks:
You can start the event in the center by clicking on otherwise777
Clicking your compass shows you the other compasses available, clicking one of them switches your compass location to the one of that monster in the free world
important! The monsters hideouts are in the free world! This means you need free rank or above
This event isn't done in an houre, don't get your hopes up
The event will be available the whole november
You need to fight lots of monsters to get the drop you need, protip: work together with your friends
The items the monsters drop can be used as normal items, tip: don't eat the kings feet
If you lose your compass, simply talk to otherwise777 again, same goes for the crystal
When a monster drops part of the pumpkin king you will get a message, it's not a common drop
Each monster drops 1 part, this means you cannot get more then 1 special drop from 1 monster
The items needed for the quest all start with "king"

PrimePal i think this should be available full time when you have collected all the collectables at the halloween event that is t...
[GUARD] horse2484 how do we check to see if you have got the dia armour? cuz i cant get the helm
Punxsy13 i was third after fcchow
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