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Halloween event

otherwise777 a posted 6 hours ago
For anyone wondering what the whole staff was doing these past weeks, well we were preparing the hallween event,

This is one of the biggest events we did so far, i almost spend my whole week programming, and several users like Milkye5432 (who was in charge of the project) and xkiyanx spend their whole week building. The gigantic mansion in the hub server has 9 bosses you can defeat and for now 16 challanges to complete. For every challange you complete you unlock a special item that you can use to do other challanges or to fight the bosses. for every boss you defeat you get an extra weapon.

Simply go to the hub server with /hub and walk in the mansion, the rest should explain itself,
here are some screenshots: 

for anyone wondering about the reward,
we haven't decided on a reward on skyprison yet, there will be one, this reward will be bigger if you complete more challanges.

For now floors 3 and 4 are disabled because they're not ready yet, we will release this asap.

halloween preview ;o

otherwise777 a posted Thu at 2:10
Skyprison's Halloween Skin Contest!
Hosted By Connorstar10!

Halloween time is coming so get prepared to edit your skin to Halloween themed! Anyone can join and all the details you need will be down below!

How To Enter:
Comment your username and a screenshot of you and your Halloween skin!

Skins will looked at on Monday November 3rd. 11/3/14 (Monday after Halloween) 

-Edit your skin into Halloween themed. 
-Don't copy other skins!
-Don't post rude comments!

The Top 3 Winner's Prizes
1st place - $10 Coupon To Server Store + 2000 tokens
2nd place - $5 Coupon To Server Store + 2000 tokens
3rd place - 2000 Tokens


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As of today I am proud to say that I am the new Head-Mod for skyprison. As a Head-Mod I will do my job as best as I can do, and hopefully be as good as our last Head-Mod KneeGrrr. If you have an questions you want to ask me you can send me messages in game.

       Connorstar10! :D

iTerax Congratz you deserve it

Knee's stepping down

otherwise777 a posted Sun at 12:27
As can be read in this topic:

Dear Fellow SkyPrisoners,

After what it feels to have been a century, i will be stepping down from the position of Head-Mod. since school started for me on September the 3rd i have been overwhelmed with homework and sports (I'm in grade 10). i have enjoyed my time on Skyprison with all of the lovely and awesome players that join me on this amazing server. i will still come on occasionally when i have the time and when I'm not busy, but for now a Sr-Mod will be promoted soon to the Head-Mod Position!

My Story of joining SkyPrison

After being IP banned on the server Behind Bars which is now closed, i realized that otherwise had created his own server. After a while of trying to remember what it was called i finally found that it was called Skyprison! I had joined the server once before but only for a couple minutes :sick: MiniAdventureMan was rank Moderator and starburstlover was a Head-Mod at the time. I worked my way to HELL with Super_Jupiter and Cool_Me_Zeus. I was banned by starburstlover for 7days as she thought i was hacking when i was just in /dg! once the 7 days had past i contacted star and let her know in a nice way that she had been mistaken and shouldn't of banned me! luckily star is one of the nicest person I've known she completely apologized and added me on Skype. Later on she suggested me applying for mod, i did, and i was accepted on my 2nd try :sick: i worked my way up to Sr-Mod along with Elbaino Mini Mr_good and connor. when elbaino stepped down i took his place as head-mod! This has taken me to where i am today :sick:

Stay Awesome,
[STAFF] 118MASTERMAN OH u was here at the start of me being mod and now i am here to see u leave :(
GuyOP What a Great Story. I havn't been much the social type but ive heard a lot about you your were one of the best moderato ...
[STAFF] blueberry09 No one can truly replace Knee. I'm going to miss him. Knee is love. Knee is life. ...
Some time ago Minecraft name changes were announced, This was a problem for all modded servers including skyprison who store information based on names. In the past months almost all systems have been converted, but not all!
For example, worldguard and essentials, 2 plugins that are pretty essential in skyprison.

TLDR: once it will become available on you can change your name, but be aware of the side effects it might have on skyprison and other servers as a lot of plugins are simply not ready yet.
Tomorrow morning our server will be down for maintenance, during this time other servers will still be available although they will expierence some down time as well.

This maintenance is to fix the recent lag we're having on the server.
Plancher Is this lag causing the "Timed out" message on my screen when I try to log onto the server sometimes the past ...
The baltop is fixed again,
Since essentials baltop broke i wrote my own,
/baltop [page]


This is a teaser for the upcomming leaderboards, all stats of the server are now stored in a database, with an ingame command you can see your ranks on almost 900 different categories, 
The image above shows the top 10 of the total amount people moved on the server, But you would also be able to request how many times you used a wooden sword for example, or a top 10 of the tokens, or how many skeletons you have killed, or how many skeletons have killed you.

The possibilities are endless!
Hibobhibob Glad to see it's back ;D
lasercor I notice all those people in that leader board is like a donator, someone important like guards, mods and Fires. I also ...
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