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New (faster?) server!

otherwise777 a posted Tue at 2:15
Hi there all,

Janwil and I just moved skyprison to a new dedicated server, this server is 3 times as powerfull as the previous one to prevent any sorts of lag on the server.

We just moved and i already noticed some lag on the server, we are looking into this but i can't give an ETA of when this will be fixed.

The other servers are still on the old host, so they might have some lag duo latency,

in other news:
Hexxit has been closed
Oceanprison has been put into sleep mode
lego201 a Whats the host other?
otherwise777 a Because the owner didn't do any work for the server and no new owner has been assigned
Hawkman2000 "Oceanprison has been put into sleep mode" why???
Some of you might have noticed my inactivity the last few weeks, i was doing some exams and they are almost done now. So i thought let's release some plugins.

The skyprison guardian is a protecter for your account, it's basicly an extra protection on top of the login system. In the time skyprison has been online there have been several exploits where people could login on other peoples accounts, This was either duo minecraft login servers having a bug or the server itself. The skyprison guardian should solve these problems. it even solves the problem of other people login in on your account when they have your password (which you shouldn't share ofcourse)

Here's how it works: 
You setup the skyprison guardian with /guardian setpassword <pass>  (NOT YOUR MINECRAFT PASS)
Then if you login from another ip address it puts you in the guardian room where you cannot do anything until you type /guardian login <pass>

If you want to test the system, simple type /testguardian and relog. 
You can disable guardian with /guardian disable, check /guardian for more commands
otherwise777 a That's corect chilli, you can only use /guardian and /msg in the guardian room, feel free to test the system with /test ...
chillipowda One question about the guardian room, is it a no commands allowed zone?
lasercor really good for protection ...
Hey guys ever wanted to run your own news forum on here. 
Well now you can!
Im creating the SPNT for you guys.
This is litrally built to help the community. You will be not only able to help report your 'local' news you will be able to Host events in peoples Arena's, Parkour, Tournaments Etc.
If your interested in joining the news team go to this link!

This is official and will be community based! So get applying
[STAFF] Milkyman12 a Sky Prison News Team
n8soccer Whats a SPNT? is it a news squad

Random video appears!

otherwise777 a posted Mar 12, 14
I just found this video of KorKuVereN who did a server hunt on skyprison where he  tries out different kind servers and makes a review at the same time. He has some other fun video's as well, go check them out! 

chillipowda Great to know people like the server! Well done everyone ...
Voting now gets you more rewards then ever, you get more money for every vote the higher rank you have and you get more tokens the more votes you cast! 1 voting site has been added and the rest have been changed for a better overview. Also the /vote command ingame has been updated with 6 urls.
Check for more info

You now also get a special reward at every 100 votes, this can be Mob disguises coupon codes and suffixes! make sure to check the voting page

Rainbow boots have been released on the server, Everyone who joined over a year ago can use them!
check /rainbowboots ingame to use them and /firstjoin to see when you joined the server
lasercor These beautiful booties thanks for the update ...
TheTman2211 Yeah bin on since the start
Duo a major lag problem i had to disable the new chat for a while.
So far it has been fixed, you can use your custom channels again and talk in them cross server.

There is 1 thing that doesn't yet work and that's disabling the global chat. I will update this later on
owh and the customized colors don't work yet either

see the commands page for the commands of the chat
You use to be able to claim with defining your own height, you can do this again now.
To enable this type /claim custom,
If you want to turn it off type /claim custom again

Be aware what your doing, and make sure you know what you're claiming.

I also added a book to /claim 
The book was written by elbaino and explains the claim plugin.
We will be adding more books to other things like minigames
lego201 a YAY!!!! Finally!!!!!
Hi guys, I have been getting alot of complaints on the updates recently, and i would like to say 2 things about this.

1. We run this server for you! The whole staff and guards put their free time in the server not only for themselves but also for you! We (the admins) try to release updates as often as possible to keep the server new and fresh, in no way are we trying to ruin the server by our updates, all the updates that we have done so far we have done to improve the server either on short or long term.

2. If you don't agree with an update that's fine, however we won't simply undo an update. Saying that you quit because we updated something is is fine, but 90% of the times people don't quit when they say it, they are just screaming for attentiont. Saying that you quit because of an update won't make us chance our mind. besides, you'll be back within a week.
However, If you have a good reason why you don't like an update, please please please let us know, we appreciate all feedback that we get, and if you have a good reason why you disagree with somethine we did i'm all ear for you. BUT you must have arguments! Saying that you don't like it, just because you don't like is not an argument.

Thank you, for reading
Quick update, i'm working very hard on the lag problems currently, it's getting better but is not yet optiomal. And the fire rank update was done because of the follow up prestige ranks (After hell we coudln't really put quitable names anymore)
TehMinja1134SH I actually did quit -_-
ANTI_Griefer3 I like the majority of other's and admin's updates. The ones I don't really don't affect me too much.
ratchetgame98 I like the new update. There's been a few personal problems with it, like harder parkours, and only claiming rewards onc ...
Some of you might have noticed the server was in maintenance mode, this was because we changed the whole prison. Since this was a very big project we decided to do alot of updates at once.

Here's a small list of the updates we did:
Changed almost all islands
Pushes all islands 100 blocks up so the clouds aren't in the way anymore
Added a new reward system to keep track of the easter eggs you've foudn (/reward list)
Updated the jail plugin
Rewrote all farming plugins for the trees, nether warts, sugar cane, cactus
redid all worldguard regions in the main world
Changed some of the rank names

The new ranks are:

The new islands were built by: mr_goodenough kneegrrr xkiyanx goppi miniadventureman
Alot of thanks goes to Goppi who took the lead in this big project.

The new easter eggs have been updated, when you click them you now get a reward that you can see in /reward list This also holds for all parkours/ minigames

Since this is a very big update it's likely that some bugs will pop up here and there, if you see one let us know as quickly as possible, either by contacting a warden ingame or by posting it on the forum

Other islands will be updated soon, the donor island is temporarly unavailable until that time

capp5 part of my nostalgia is the old islands When I walk out on the old grass island I remember taking my first steps as a gr ...
capp5 This sucks the ranks make no seance and the nostalgia for the people who have been playing for a long time is all gone.
Tylokz79 The only problem with the old ranks was that Nether and HELL were being confused, if you changed Nether to Fire and keep ...
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